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Benefits Of Same Day Crowns

How your family dentists in Lexington can give you a dental crown in one day

Dental crowns are the perfect solution to protect teeth that are badly broken or damaged from trauma, injury or decay. Your family cerec crownsdentists Dr. William Lee and Dr. Pada Chalothorn at TLC Dentistry in Lexington, Kentucky want to share with you the benefits of same day crowns, the modern way to achieve a beautiful smile. Now, thanks to revolutionary CAD-CAM crown manufacturing technology, we can create your new permanent crown right in the office while you wait!

Not too long ago, if you wanted a dental crown, you would have to schedule several appointments and wait patiently while your crown was being created in a dental lab. You would be provided with a temporary dental crown to get you by until your permanent crown was ready. Now we have a much better solution for your new smile, same day crowns!

There are many benefits and reasons why people choose same day crowns. Your family dentists in Lexington want to help you discover why same day crowns are right for you. Your new CAD-CAM same day crown will provide you with:

  • A beautiful smile, because the crown is made of dental ceramic and looks just like your existing teeth
  • A perfect smile, because your crown is created from exact computer-aided measurements, so it fits perfectly the first time
  • An instant smile, because your crown is created right in the office during your appointment, so there is no waiting for your crown to be sent from a dental laboratory
  • A comfortable smile, because you wear your perfectly fitting crown immediately, with no temporary crown necessary

Your family dentists in Lexington will create your new crown using innovative CAD-CAM crown manufacturing technology which designs and fabricates your new crown with the aid of 3-D computer imaging. There is no guesswork on whether your crown will fit. The measurements are exact so your crown will fit perfectly the first time.

It’s time for you to discover the benefits of same day crowns! Call your family dentists Drs. Lee and Chalothorn at TLC Dentistry in Lexington, Kentucky today and get started on your new smile with same day crowns!

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