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Do My Children Really Need Sealants?

Use sealants to protect your children’s teeth.

You’ve probably heard about dental sealants, but you’re not sure if they are really necessary for your children. After all, your kids are brushing three times a day and even starting to floss. Isn’t that enough? Your family dentists Drs.Thompson, Lee & Chalothorn at TLC sealantsDentistry in Lexington, Kentucky want you to know about a simple procedure that can protect your children’s teeth even more; it’s called dental sealants. Dental sealants can help ensure cavity-free teeth for your children.

Dental sealants are a liquid resin material that is placed into the deep grooves and crevices of the chewing surfaces on your children’s teeth. The liquid material is then hardened or “cured” with a special ultraviolet curing light. After the sealant treatment, your children’s chewing surfaces will have a hard plastic coating covering and protecting them from decay.

Your dentists at TLC Dentistry want you to know that the deep grooves and crevices of normal tooth anatomy are the perfect place for bacteria and food to hide. Often brushing and flossing can’t get into deeper dental anatomy, where cavities sometimes start. Dental sealants keep bacteria and food from entering the deeper grooves and crevices, shielding your children’s teeth from damage.

Your children don’t have to experience the pain of dental decay, thanks to dental sealants. Your children can be protected from needing more extensive and expensive fillings as they get older, and you will have peace of mind knowing you’ve done the best for your children.

Your dentists at TLC Dentistry recommend your children’s first permanent molars be sealed as soon as they erupt, usually between the ages of 5 and 7. Second molars should be sealed between the ages of 11 and 14.

When you decide to protect your children’s teeth with dental sealants, you owe it to yourself and your children to have the best experience possible. That’s why you shouldn’t go to just anyone. Call Drs. Thompson, Lee & Chalothorn, your family dentists in the neighborhood at TLC Dentistry in Lexington, Kentucky. They are experts at protecting your children’s smiles, so call today!

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