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One Dentist for the Whole Family

One Dentist for the Whole Family

Searching for one dentist for your whole family? Family dentists provide dental care to entire families. They have received the education and training necessary needed to work with adults and kids. TLC Dentistry, which is located in Lexington, KY, offers a full range of dental services. Dr. William Lee, Dr. Pada Chalothorn, Dr. William Cartee, Jr. are some of the top family dentists in Lexington, KY. Keep reading to discover the benefits of having a family dentist.

Dental Care Services

You can count on a family dentist to provide your household with high-quality dental care in a family-friendly environment. On a daily basis, these practitioners work with their patients to manage their oral health. Routine exams and dental cleanings are part of the job, along with treatment of dental issues like cavities. Family dentists also offer cosmetic dentistry procedures to enhance your smile. 


One-stop-shop dental offices have become very popular in the United States. With the hectic pace of our crazy-busy lifestyles, we all search for ways to make life simpler and save time. Going to a family dentist can mean fewer office visits. You will save time by having the same dentist treat your entire family.

Lifelong Dental Care

With a family dentist, your children can maintain the same dentist throughout their whole lives—even into their adult years. Pediatric dentists provide dental care for kids. When you take your kids to a pediatric dentist, they will receive dental care into their teenage years. After that time, they will need to search for another dental provider.

Regular visits to a family dentist will get you and your loved ones on the road to good oral health. Call TLC Dentistry at 859-223-8987 today to schedule a dental appointment in Lexington, KY. Remember, a healthy smile is a beautiful smile!

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