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Soda and Fruit Juice Are Worst For Teeth

Do you limit the amount of candy and cookies your children can eat in an attempt to avoid unnecessary visits to your Lexington family dentist, Thompson Lee & Chalothorn? While limiting candy and cookies is a great place to start, these treats actually aren't the worst Soda,foods for your children's teeth.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry, soda and fruit juice are actually worse for your children's teeth than cookies and candies are.

Why are Juice and Soda so Harmful?

Soda and juice are harmful to your children's teeth because they contain large amounts of acid and sugar, which can contribute to the breakdown of dental enamel over time. Your tooth's enamel is the outermost layer of your tooth, and its role is to protect the inside of your tooth from any harmful substances that come into contact with your teeth on the outside. Without strong enamel, your children's teeth are at an increased risk for cavities, sensitivity, pain and extra trips to your family dentist in Lexington.

How Can I Protect My Children's Teeth?

The best way to protect your children's teeth from the damaging effects of sodas and fruit juices is to avoid them altogether. For families not willing to give up these sweet beverages, however, moderation and cavity prevention are key. Here are a few helpful tips.

  • Limit the number of sugary beverages your children are allowed to have each day.
  • Encourage your children to drink their drinks quickly, instead of sipping them, so the beverages spend less time on their teeth.
  • Give your children straws to drink through, to keep the beverages off of the teeth.
  • Encourage your children to brush - or at least rinse - after drinking sugary beverages.
  • Schedule regular cleanings with your children's Lexington family dentist.

Just because your children love sodas and fruit juices does not mean that they are doomed to have a mouth full of cavities. Use these tips to keep your children's mouths clean, healthy and cavity-free.

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