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Five Benefits of Invisalign

Many dental patients consider Invisalign superior to the traditional method of straightening their teeth for a number of reasons. Here are five benefits of Invisalign that will probably convince you that it’s time to schedule an appointment with Lexington, KY family dentist Dr. John A. Thompson today.

The Treatment Process is Simple
The concept behind Invisalign is so amazingly simple that many patients are pleasantly surprised when they learn what is involved. Your dentist will prescribe a series of plastic trays that are specifically designed for your mouth. Just wear them regularly and they will gently adjust the position of your teeth. It requires minimal disruption to your current lifestyle.

Invisalign is Quick
Another major benefit of invisible braces is that the process of straightening and aligning your teeth is relatively quick compared to other options, like traditional metal braces. The entire process can take between six to nine months whereas regular braces often take two or more years.

Most People Don’t Realize You Have Braces
Invisalign braces are often called “invisible braces” because when you have them on people barely even notice at first. The plastic material is clear and lightweight. So if you’re self-conscious about people looking at your teeth in public places, there are no worries with Invisalign braces from Lexington, KY family dentist Dr. Thompson.

You Can Remove them to Eat & Socialize
With traditional metal braces you are forced to wear them all the time because they’re bonded to your teeth, but with Invisalign you can take them off whenever necessary. So say you have an important meeting with a client and you want to make a good impression—you can take the Invisalign tray off temporarily to feel more comfortable when you’re talking and smiling. Just remember to put them back on right after your meeting. 

Less Pain than Traditional Braces
Anyone who has ever worn metal braces can tell you that it isn’t the most comfortable experience. The brackets sometimes rub up against the inside of your mouth and cause chaffing. When the wires are tightened by your dentist you may have deal with headaches. But with Invisalign you experience little to no discomfort during the treatment.

Contact Lexington, KY family dentist Dr. John A. Thompson for your first Invisalign appointment at (859) 223-8987. He also has a convenient online appointment scheduling tool on his website at http://www.tlcdentistry.net .

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