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The Importance of Your Biannual Checkup

The Importance of Your Biannual Checkup

You are doing everything right You are brushing and flossing every day as you should. But is it a good idea to skip your dental office visit? Fact is, however diligent we are with our oral health, and not all of us are, a key building block of a healthy smile are your biannual checkups. To learn more, get in contact with your local professionals, Dr. Pada Chalothorn and Dr. William Cartee, Jr., of TLC Dentistry in Lexington, TX.

Tartar and You

Even if you were the most committed flosser chances are you do not remove all of the plaque from your teeth.

Plaque is the biofilm of bacteria that builds on your teeth every day. If you eat carbs and sugary foods and drinks, this bacteria consumes it and creates acids that can deteriorate your teeth and cause gum disease.

Whatever plaque is left on your teeth, especially at the hard to reach areas, collects minerals from your saliva and can harden into tartar. A substance you cannot remove on your own.

Biannual checkups and the cleanings that accompany these can help you keep the decay-causing bacteria at bay.


Biannual checkups are how you can keep on top of dental complications.

They can prevent problems such as cavities, or treat them before they have to be dealt with by costlier, more invasive procedures. Such as inlays, root canals, or even extractions, and the necessary implants or bridges required to replace them.

Biannual Checkups in Lexington, TX

Brushing twice a day, flossing once, and, just as importantly, visiting your doctor for a dental checkup twice a year are all part of good oral health. So make your appointment today, call Dr. Chalothorn and Dr. Cartee of TLC Dentistry in Lexington, TX, by dialing (859) 223-8987.

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